Why we do this

The Crit is hosted by PAL: Play. Advocate. Live Well. and is our top fundraising event. Unlike many fundraising events, ours is open to everyone in the community regardless of the ability to buy a tent because we believe that health and community are essential for all of Spartanburg.


Thanks to our sponsors and tailgaters (and we hope you!), proceeds from this event help build new trails, expand wellness in schools, and make local food more affordable. PAL is a small nonprofit creating significant community change.


The Crit was started as part of PAL’s Bike Town Spartanburg initiative that earned the City of Spartanburg’s bicycle-friendly status from the League of American Bicyclists, the first of this type of designation in South Carolina. The partnership with the City of Spartanburg’s Spring Fling weekend has been in effect since the beginning in an effort to bring health and wellness to the heart of the Spartanburg community and to make Spartanburg’s biggest festival one that glamorizes bicycling and activity.


Your support is what makes our community thrive. Help us play, advocate, and live well by donating to PAL today!



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