So what's this bike race all about!?

The Spartanburg Downtown Criterium 

The Crit is a closed-circuit, multi-lap cycling race through Downtown Spartanburg!

This bike race puts a sweet southern SPIN on the traditional tailgate and turns the heart of the city into a one of a kind block party. Rent a tent, bring your friends, and load up your tailgating gear to watch cyclists race around the half-mile downtown course. The Crit consists of 6 races, 4 amateur and 2 professional. 

2021 Schedule

The Crit is a part of the USA CRITS series and is known for its open-air plaza center, dangerously sharp left turns and unique atmosphere! The USA CRITS Championship Series is the premiere cycling series in the United States. USA CRITS was developed to feature criterium riders and to offer venues, teams and riders the ability to excel in a unique discipline of cycling. The races that form the USA CRITS series represent more than 100 years of criterium racing and have the ideals that have made criterium racing an American legacy: challenging courses that showcase arts and entertainment districts; a large and growing base of spectators; broad community support; and strong marketing opportunities for partners.

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The Criterium is planned and hosted by Partners for Active Living (PAL), a Spartanburg non-profit with a mission to transform Spartanburg County into a vibrant, healthy, connected community where we live and grow. For more information on PAL, visit our website at

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