So what's this bike race all about!?

The Spartanburg Downtown Criterium 

The Crit is a closed-circuit, multi-lap cycling race through Downtown Spartanburg!

This bike race puts a sweet southern SPIN on the traditional tailgate and turns the heart of the city into a one of a kind block party. Rent a tent, bring your friends, and load up your tailgating gear to watch cyclists race around the half-mile downtown course. The Crit consists of 6 bike races, 4 amateur and 2 professional and one professional foot race.

The Crit is a part of the Speed Week and is known for its open-air plaza center, dangerously sharp left turns and unique atmosphere! 

The Criterium is planned and hosted by PAL: Play. Advocate. Live Well., a Spartanburg non-profit with a mission to transform Spartanburg County into a vibrant, healthy, connected community where we live and grow. For more information on PAL, visit our website at

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