Grab a tent and enjoy a different type of tailgate!

Sponsor and Tailgating Tents


Sponsor Tents

Reserved for Criterium sponsors and are positioned mostly along Broad St. Sponsorships are available at various levels, starting at $550 up to $8,250, with more benefits offered at each level increase! Create your own tailgate OR increase the sponsorship and have PAL do all the work for you!

Sponsorship Levels 


Tailgating Tents

Can be purchased by anyone wishing to enjoy a "tailgating experience" at the Crit! Tailgating tents are offered at two levels: $350 and $600, depending on the size and location of the tent.

Tailgating tents will go on sale in 2020!



PAL Hospitality Tent

The PAL hospitality tent is available to PAL donors and criterium volunteers. Donors receive tickets based on their level of giving. 

PAL Donation Levels



Criterium Sponsors

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